Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Roundtable Conference: Engendering Urban Public Space

The project hosted a rountable conference on 'Engendering Urban Public Space'. The programme was as pasted below.

Engendering Urban Public Space
Round Table Conference Organised by the PUKAR Gender & Space Project

Date: April 12, 2006.
Time: 1000 to 1730
Venue: Conference Room, 2nd Floor, YWCA, Madam Cama Road, Fort, Mumbai

1000 Introduction (Shilpa Phadke)

Session I: Middle Classes and Space
1015 Inside-Outside: Violence and the Urban Middle Class Woman in India – Diya Mehra (Dept of Anthropology, Univ of Texas at Austin)
1030 The Class of Safety: Gendering Locality in Mumbai – Shilpa Phadke (Gender & Space project, PUKAR, Mumbai)
1045 Discussion

1115 Tea

Session II: Ghettoizing Space
1130 Shiv Sena women in Public: Gender, Performance & the Politics of ‘Visibility’ in Mumbai – Tarini Bedi (Dept. of Anthropology, University of Illinois at Chicago)
1145 Bhendi Bazaar to Bandra: Some Observations on Muslim Women & Public Space in Mumbai – Sameera Khan (Gender & Space project, PUKAR, Mumbai)
1200 Discussion

Session III: Changing Urban Contexts
1230 Urban Resettlement: Impact on Women’s mobility and access to space – Qudsiya Contractor (Researcher and Activist, CEHAT, Mumbai)
1245 Dynamics of Gender and Space in the Informal Sector: Case study of Okhla, Delhi – Aheli Chowdhury and Rukmini Barua, (AMAN Trust, New Delhi)
1300 Discussion

1330 – 1430 Lunch

Session IV: (Un)Safe Spaces
1430 Examining Safety for Women in Public Places in Delhi - Kalpana Viswanath & Surabhi Tandon Mehrotra (Jagori, New Delhi)
1445 Mapping Everyday Gender-Space: Discussion of a method - Shilpa Ranade (Gender & Space project, PUKAR, Mumbai)
1500 Discussion

1530 Tea

Session V: Spaces of Performance
1545 Constructing the Metropolis: The Poetics of Masculinity in an Urdu Mushaira – Nathan Tabor (Berkeley Urdu Language Program, Lucknow)
1600 The Classical Dancer and Ideas of Modern Womanhood - Nithya Raman, Independent Researcher, Chennai)
1615 Explorations of Gender and Space in the Blank Noise project - Jasmeen P and Chinmayee Manjunath (Blank Noise Project, Bangalore)
1630 Discussion

1700 Closing Comments and Thanks (Sameera Khan)


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